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Student Survey Gr 5
Student Survey Gr 5 SPAN1
Reflection FINAL Whales
Reading Asmt FINAL Whales
FT Rules Whale Watching
FT Instructions Whale Watching
Follow Up FINAL Whales
Field Trip Info Sheet_ Whale Watching
Academic Standards Table Gr 5
5th Grade Table of Contents
Whale Exploration Photo Tour
Whale Activity Guide
Gray Whale Guide
Banishing Bycatch Activity
Banishing Bycatch Activity SPAN
ProgramLiabilityRelease ENG _ SPAN
Program Summary ENG _ SPAN
Letter for Teachers
Letter for Parents ENG _ SPAN
Env Role Model Tips ENG _ SPAN
Chaperone Guidelines ENG _ SPAN
Shark Investigation Photo Tour
Student Survey Gr 7
Reading Asmt FINAL Sharks
Participant Count Sheet
FT Rules SeaWorld
FT Instructions SeaWorld
Field Trip Info Sheet_ SeaWorld
Academic Standards Table Gr 7
7th Grade Table of Contents
Statistical Uncertainty Activity
Overfishing Discussion
Ecomorphology _ Underdog Sharks (all)
Sea Turtle Discovery Virtual Field Trip Assignment
Sea Turtle Discovery Photo Tour
Student Survey Gr 4
Reflection FINAL Sea Turtles
Reading Asmt FINAL Sea Turtles
FT Rules Disc Center
FT Instructions Disc Center
Follow Up FINAL Sea Turtles
Academic Standards Table Gr 4
4th Grade Table of Contents
Turtle Translations Activity
Turtle Talks Activity Book
Sea Turtle Observation Activity
Boater’s Guide to SoCal Sea Turtles
Student Survey Gr 3
Reading Asmt FINAL Paradise Creek
FT Rules Paradise Creek
FT Instructions Paradise Creek
City of National City Liability Release
Academic Standards Table Gr 3
3rd Grade Table of Contents
What Is A Wetland ENG+SPAN
The Paradise Creek Song
Bird _ Habitat Study Virtual Field Trip Assignment (Part 2)
Bird _ Habitat Study Virtual Field Trip Assignment (Part 1)
Bird _ Habitat Study Photo Tour
Student Survey Gr 6
Reflection FINAL Birds
Reading Asmt FINAL Birds
FT Rules Habitat Restoration
FT Instructions Habitat Restoration
Follow Up FINAL Birds
Academic Standards Table Gr 6
6th Grade Table of Contents
Wetland Neighbors Activity Book
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