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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Ocean Connectors

Our mission is best achieved by the active participation of advocates for ocean health and youth education. Ocean Connectors seeks dedicated volunteers to provide support with a number of important aspects of our work. Ocean Connectors volunteers gain valuable work experience related to nonprofit careers and have an opportunity to interact with industry leaders, while directly advancing our vision of Connecting Youth for Conservation.

Volunteer Positions

Assist with behind-the-scenes tasks to support general and vital organizational operations.

Eco Tours
Attend tours to assist with sharing information and materials, increase environmental awareness for members of the public, and help guests safely engage in activities.

Education Programs 
Attend class presentations, field trips, and other educational events to assist with sharing information and increasing environmental awareness for elementary and middle school students.

Habitat Restoration 
Actively engage in the restoration of wetland and upland habitats around San Diego Bay to support water quality and environmental health.

Public Events 
Attend public community outreach events such as fundraisers, workshops, festivals, and fairs to help share organizational information and engage new supporters.

Advisory Board 
Candidates are considered based on current needs and ability to contribute to the success and effectiveness of the organization.

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