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Corinne Klein
Corinne is a biologist and enthusiastic amateur underwater photographer. She is part of the San Diego Underwater Photography Society and has contributed her pictures to fundraisers and biology textbooks. She happily provides Ocean Connectors with a variety of pictures from her underwater adventures off the coasts of California and Mexico. She currently lives in Japan and writes about life in Japan, scuba diving, and her favorite sea creatures, nudibranchs, at

Jonathan Lavan
Jonathan is a professional photographer at Underpressure Nature Photography. His images are prominently featured on the Ocean Connectors website and social media pages, and he has worked with National Geographic, Smithsonian, Encyclopedia of Life, Florida Museum of Natural History, The California Academy of Sciences, Nature’s Best Photography, Monterey Bay Aquarium, REEF, and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. He also collaborates with Ocean Connectors to host free nature photography workshops and serves on the Ocean Connectors Advisory Board.

Matthew Meier
Matthew is an award-winning professional underwater, nature and travel photographer. His images have been displayed in art galleries, museums and private collections, and published in books, magazines, and ad campaigns. For the past 10 years Matthew has served as a contributing editor, photographer and travel writer for X-Ray International Dive Magazine. He provided several of the shark photos on the Ocean Connectors website, and his photographs may be purchased and licensed for commercial and editorial usage. Learn more at

Ralph Pace
Ralph is a freelance underwater and environmental photographer. He has worked with The Washington Post, The Nature Conservancy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, and Whale Trust, and his works have been published by National Geographic, Nature, Science, Discover, Smithsonian, Sportdiver magazine, Weather Channel, and others. Ralph’s green sea turtle photo is featured on our Eco Tours page as well as on the Ocean Connectors van. See more of his work at Ralph Pace Photography (a portion of all sea turtle image sales are donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy).

Yat-Long Sam Poon
Sam is a filmmaker and professor of biology. He teaches at San Diego Miramar College and Palomar College. He also works as the video editor for StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. In his spare time, Sam is an avid outdoor and wildlife photographer, and several of his images are featured on the Ocean Connectors website. To see more of Sam’s photography, follow him on Instagram @yatlongpoon.

Dr. Steven Swartz
Steven has been studying gray whales in Baja California Sur for over 40 years. He is the Co-­Director of the Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program, an organization dedicated to investigating the ecological status of San Ignacio Lagoon and its living marine resources. Steven and his research team monitor the gray whales that visit the lagoon, and encourage social awareness, education, and community participation for the conservation of the lagoon. Steven is responsible for many of the gray whale photos on our website.

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