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Things the Ocean Does

By – Adam Sawyer is an outdoor and travel writer, photographer, published author, guide, and public speaker. After experiencing a tragic and profound loss, he has focused his efforts on sharing the power of grieving and healing in nature. This essay about the sea is particularly beautiful.

The ocean never remembers. My footprints stand no chance against the incoming tide. She adds and subtracts, forms and reshapes, gives and takes with an infinite wisdom that we do not comprehend, but faithfully abide.

How things were is inconsequential. It only matters what things are or potentially will be. All the sandy beaches that were once cliffs, boulders, and rocks know this to be true. A timeless obligation, this is what the ocean does. Without remorse or recompense, this is what the ocean must do.

If observed for long enough, however, she doesn’t mind imparting pearls of wisdom while eroding grains of sand. Some ancient secrets can be coaxed by those that care to listen instead of only seeing her. And agree to utilize their remembrances as a means of preventing such truths from escaping to the ether.

But given a long enough timeframe and a grand enough scale, the ocean will return to a more distantly familiar form. When the machinations and machinery of men finally give up the ghost and fall by the wayside, it will all be made right again. By whatever methods or manner she chooses, she will do as she sees fit. Because no matter what we have done or come what may, the ocean never forgets.


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