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Earthwell Refill: Help Combat Plastic Pollution at your Local Refill Store

Written by: Katrina Oprisko

Plastic is everywhere. There are micro-plastics in our food and in our bodies. By the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! Feeling overwhelmed and overcome by a sense of dread about plastic pollution? Sick of seeing unsightly plastic packaging and bottles in on our beaches and in our oceans? What if you could easily make a difference? Shopping at a refill shop is integral to the fight against plastic pollution. There are five zero waste refill shops in San Diego County: Sunshine Market in Oceanside, Local Scoop in Encinitas, Kai’s Refill in La Mesa, The Mighty Bin in North Park, and Earthwell Refill in Kensington.

Earthwell Refill is close to San Diego State University at 4114 Adams Avenue. By shopping  here you can make a difference by choosing a non-toxic and less plastic lifestyle. In its eighth  year, Earthwell Refill is the longest running refill shop in San Diego. We have helped many San  Diegans reduce the amount of plastic coming into their houses. This store empowers people to combat plastic pollution. This past year we were able to remove at least 9,000 single use  containers from our waterways and landfills. Like Ocean Connectors, Earthwell Refill is  contributing to the fight to keep our oceans clean and reduce the demand for more landfills. 

We sell natural, non-toxic beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners, body wash,  lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, shaving cream, face wash, and toothpaste! You can refill  household supplies like hand soaps, dish soaps, laundry detergent, stain removers and  household cleaners. In addition to the numerous refill options we offer, we also sell sustainable  products made of natural fiber like cotton, agave, and bamboo, as well as safety razors made  of stainless steel. You can also find hair ties made of natural rubber, bamboo hairbrushes, and  combs made of Neem wood. Instead of toilet paper made of virgin wood, we sell bamboo  toilet paper and paper towels. There is also a kitchen section full of natural sponges and  scrubbers. 

Many of our products have been around for years, but under the façade of progress have been  forgotten by the general public. For example, the plastic hair brush is a new phenomenon,  before the 1960s you could only brush your hair with a wooden brush. In the 1970s, the  collapsible cup was very popular. 

It’s easy to make a difference! Take one section of your home, either the kitchen or the  bathroom, and refill one of its bottles. Bring your own container in to the store, where it will be  weighed and then refilled with whatever amount you want. Then the container will be weighed  again and you will only be charged for what is in the bottle. 

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