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Tony Uribe is a National City, California native with roots in Nayarit, Mexico and is known for his unique ability to bridge the gap between professional expertise and personal connections. With a strong background in the corporate world, non-profit sector, higher education, entrepreneurship, small business ownership and a genuine passion for fostering inclusivity, Tony brings a dynamic blend of skills and values to the team. His Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing paved the path from Public Relations and successful local community outreach to his current position blazing trails for a US Performance Marketing Agency in Latin America. While Tony Uribe’s professional achievements are certainly noteworthy, it is his ability to forge authentic personal connections that truly sets him apart. Beyond the boardroom, Uribe is an avid advocate for fostering inclusivity and diversity. He actively engages in community initiatives that empower underrepresented groups, consistently striving to create opportunities for others. As he continues to make a positive impact, Tony Uribe proves that success is not solely measured by achievements but by the meaningful relationships we cultivate along the way.

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