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As owner of Underpressure Diving & Nature Photography, Jonathan Lavan is a citizen scientist and wildlife expert and has been SCUBA diving for 30 years and taking photographs both above and below the waterline for the past decade. Jonathan has been a teacher, speaker, author, and research associate for many well-known and little-known environmental organizations. Jonathan leads diving, photography, and naturalist trips all over the world. He shares his images freely and they can be seen in a wide variety of venues throughout the U.S. and Europe. Jonathan received a B.A. in Performance from Syracuse University, which has served him well while teaching, lecturing, and delivering impassioned speeches about why wild places and their inhabitants are so important and why we should care for our planet. Jonathan and his wife run a dog rescue nonprofit organization, Ted’s Rescue, which strives to keep pets in homes and provide subsidies for vet expenses to people struggling with their pet’s health, which is another of Jonathan’s passions.

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