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Saying Farewell to Ad 2

Each year Ad 2 San Diego selects a local nonprofit organization to receive a pro-bono advertising and marketing campaign, and this year Ocean Connectors was the lucky recipient of this incredible award! Ad 2 members consist of a network of advertising and marketing professionals 32 years or younger who are looking to gain experience in the field and expand their knowledge by working with a local nonprofit that really needs the extra help. Over the past eight months, Ad 2 utilized their members’ unique expertise and knowledge to provide Ocean Connectors with a full-scale marketing campaign that has had astonishing results.

The Ad 2 team worked tirelessly to improve and expand every aspect of our organization’s marketing materials and techniques. Ad 2 designed and ordered Ocean Connectors t-shirts, developed and printed a new Ocean Connectors brochure, and even hosted a community fundraiser “CaSEAno Night”. They improved our website from top to bottom, expanded our social media presence, and implemented a new online template for our e-newsletter and email announcements.

Ad 2 helped produce our Positive Impact podcast, a two-part episode that features Director Frances Kinney and Cindy Vasquez, Director of Educational Services for National School District. They launched our Instagram page and increased our audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Ad 2 helped us connect with leaders in the advertising world by arranging an Eco Tour for local media outlets, which led to an online article in the San Diego Reader, and to another article coming soon in San Diego Family Magazine. Finally, Ad 2 even created a promotional video for the Ocean Connectors Eco Tours and got the video featured on Cox TV! Ad 2 surpassed all our expectations and went above and beyond to show their commitment to Ocean Connectors.

We are deeply grateful to all our amazing Ad 2 team members for their many contributions to Ocean Connectors over the past few months. A special thank you goes to Hanna and Abbie for spearheading this impressive project!


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