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Raising Awareness Through Underwater Photography, Dive Travel, and Education

By Jenny Hanna, Bluewater Travel 

The underwater world is our passion. Our goal is to help people discover the magic of the oceans through underwater photography, scuba dive and snorkel travel, and education. By promoting responsible tourism and sharing our knowledge, we take pride in our role as ocean stewards to inspire activism to preserve the beauty encountered underwater for future generations to enjoy.

Dive Travel

Travel is the best way for people to learn about our planet, its habitats, and different cultures. Interacting with marine life firsthand creates a level of understanding we can’t achieve through books or television and makes a lasting impression. Witnessing the devastating impact humans can have on fragile ecosystems inspires us to make meaningful changes to our behaviors and advocate for others to do the same.

Bluewater Travel’s team of dive experts helps travelers explore the underwater world by planning and booking responsible dive and snorkel trips worldwide. Our advisors strive to connect people with the marine life they most desire to encounter, from the tiniest nudibranch to the hugest migratory whales. Bluewater’s group trips visit the most exceptional underwater and topside environments on the planet, from frigid Antarctica to tropical Papua New Guinea, and provide a unique combination of underwater exploration and informative land, environmental, and rich cultural tours. 

People protect what they love, and Bluewater connects people with destinations, species, and habitats they fall in love with. As a result, when our travelers return home, they share their experiences with others, inspiring more people to learn and care about our planet’s unique underwater ecosystems.

Image Credit: Mark Strickland
Image Credit: Erik Lukas

Underwater Photography

Pictures speak a thousand words, so what better way to showcase the unique underwater world and engage people in marine conservation than through powerful underwater photographs? By capturing stunning images of marine life and habitats, underwater photographers can help people understand the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems they might otherwise be unaware of. Bluewater Travel founder Scott Gietler created the Underwater Photography Guide with this vision in mind: “If I can get more people interested in underwater photography, and keep them in the hobby, then they too can make a difference educating the world about the habitat underwater and preserving the unique animals that live there.”

The annual Ocean Art Photo Contest selects the most captivating, inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking photos submitted by underwater photographers in different categories, including conservation and marine life behavior. Each submission includes a “story behind the shot” to highlight the importance of marine biodiversity and the threats it faces to help people understand why conservation efforts are necessary.


Bluewater Travel’s educational and informative photo workshops visit some of the most fascinating and unique marine habitats worldwide, from Galapagos to the Coral Triangle. These workshops are led by experienced underwater photographers who have dedicated their lives to documenting the underwater world and raising awareness of the threats faced by our oceans. Divers who attend these workshops gain a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and spread their knowledge by sharing their experiences and photos with others.  

In addition to in-person workshops, a wide range of marine-focused educational materials are available to a wide audience across the Bluewater websites. While the Underwater Photography Guide continues to encourage new and experienced photographers to document ocean life, the Bluewater Photo Store offers the latest underwater camera gear with online tutorials. Bluewater University provides educational content including comprehensive videos and articles on various destinations, marine life, and photography topics. 

Making a Difference

Every person on the planet contributes to the health of our oceans through daily actions and inactions. Bluewater raises awareness of the incredible life beneath the surface through travel, underwater photography, and various educational platforms. In doing this, we aim to inspire individuals to advocate for the sensitive habitats and unique creatures we love so they will remain in our oceans for generations to come.

Learn more on our websites for Bluewater Travel, Underwater Photography Guide, Bluewater Photo Store, and Bluewater University.

Image Credit: Tim Yeo

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