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Over 1,000 Children Reached in Mexico

Ocean Connectors completed another successful trip to spread environmental awareness in Nayarit, Mexico! During September 13 to October 13, the Ocean Connectors Director traveled to San Francisco, Mexico (“San Pancho” for short), where she visited 11 public elementary schools. She delivered 44 class presentations in Spanish on migratory marine life such as sea turtles, whales, and birds. The Mexican children received artwork, letters, and videos handmade by students in National City, California, and then made their own personalized responses. The children exchanged ideas and suggestions for doing their part to help the ocean and the migratory sea animals that travel between the coasts of California and Mexico. This “Knowledge Exchange” is an Ocean Connectors technique for building global stewardship through peer-to-peer learning.

DSC056921,020 children in Nayarit participated in the Ocean Connectors programs this year, a new record made possible through increasing support from our partners in the United States and Mexico. In Nayarit, Ocean Connectors works in partnership with San Pancho Bird Observatory, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bird conservation and leadership training, as well as EntreAmigos, a nonprofit community center and recycling facility in San Pancho. This year the Ocean Connectors Director received assistance from two dedicated community members, Isis and Evelyn (pictured above), who helped with the class presentations. As a celebration of the great success of Ocean Connectors in reaching so many students, the team took a celebratory snorkeling trip to the Islas Marietas, where they observed many types of marine life, including blue-footed boobies and hundreds of tropical fish. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this project, including Isis and Evelyn, the Kinney family, The Ocean Foundation, Erling Biggness, Advisory Board Members Zach Birmingham and Luis Morales, and Speedo for providing snorkel kits!

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