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Mary Yama is a Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant at Lumen Technologies, an international network communications organization. Over the past ten years she has worked in developing and leading programs focused on employee engagement, talent management, leadership, career development, and Agile process enhancements. She is passionate about helping organizations create an environment that gives employees the opportunity to leverage their strengths and passions in a way that leaves them happy with their careers and contributing in a meaningful way. Mary’s professional experience also includes psychopharmacological research at the University of Pennsylvania, mental and behavioral health work, and teaching undergraduate statistics, data analysis, and research methods at San Diego State University. Mary holds a B.A. in Psychology from The George Washington University and a Master’s of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from San Diego State University. Mary facilitated the first Ocean Connectors Advisory Board retreat in 2019, which helped clarify the organization’s vision for the future.

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