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Celebrate World Water Day!

March 22nd is World Water Day!!!

Today is a day to celebrate water! Water covers more than 70%
of the Earth and yet only 2.5% of this is in available freshwater. Water is essential for life. It supports our health, waters our crops, cools us off, and provides us with fun activities, yet much of the world struggles to find clean, safe, drinkable water.

Water creates jobs and supports economic, social, and human development. Nearly all jobs depend on water in some way or another and today, nearly half of the world’s working population works directly for a water-related industry. World Water day has a different theme each year that focuses on a current or future water challenge we are facing. The theme this year is “Better Water, Better Jobs”. This year’s theme focuses on the essential role that water plays in creating and supporting good quality jobs.

Today is also a day to promote change for our future, to help the many people throughout the world who suffer from water-related issues. World Water Day is an opportunity to educate others about water scarcity and pollution, to promote sustainability of freshwater resources, and to inspire others to take action.



Join the water movement today!
Help us raise awareness by posting on social media about how you are saving water and why water is important to you! Use #WorldWaterDay and #BeAnOceanConnector in your social media posts!

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